Business Law Attorneys in Southern Illinois

Laying the Foundation for Business Success

A business’ success is only as sure as its support system. Having an experienced business attorney from inception is the cornerstone of successful business. Barrett, Twomey, Broom, Hughes & Hoke, LLP provides expert litigation services and transactional consultations for entrepreneurs, business owners and operations in Southern Illinois.
We design a custom business strategy unique to your company that anticipates operational and structural issues. A thorough and scalable business strategy helps to avoid them or be ready when they arise. We have the expertise to advise you at every step.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Partnerships and Investor Relations

Growing your business through relationships is both exciting and scary. No matter how well you know your partners, you should always get a second opinion on forming business relationships. Talk to the business lawyers at Barrett, Twomey, Broom, Hughes & Hoke, LLP about every facet of your business deal to make sure that it works out in your favor.


Get your legal arsenal prepared for every situation. Barrett, Twomey, Broom, Hughes & Hoke, LLP can draft, review and revise your contracts and notices for clarity and to represent your interests.

Business Formations and Restructuring

Whether it’s your first business or a new business, step out on a great foundation with business formation strategy that works with your organization’s size, financial goals and the best tax liability. We help you plan for growth and to keep your personal assets separate from your business assets.

Employment Law

We keep you out of trouble with the IRS by helping you understand the correct employee filing, Unemployment insurance by performing a tax risk audit. We can also arbitrate or litigate any employment disputes.

Employment Law

It’s never as easy as closing your doors and walking away. No matter your business formation, we can walk you through the process of closing your business and make sure you, your leaseholders, customers and any creditors are all squared away.

Business Succession Planning

Developing a succession plan is no small feat. It takes several phases and consideration for everything from family goals, retirement and estate planning. Confidence that your business goals will be respected and you have positioned your company for success after you step down is paramount. To start a succession plan, contact the experts at Barrett, Twomey, Broom, Hughes & Hoke, LLP.

Commercial Finance

Barrett, Twomey, Broom, Hughes & Hoke, LLP facilitates commercial lending arrangements between developers, equipment operators, distributors, manufacturers, equity participants, investment banks, mezzanine lenders and senior lenders.
Get a legal team that’s always ready to help you succeed. Call us at 618-457-0437 for a completely bespoke legal strategy for your business.