Wills and Trusts in Marion, IL


The emotional aspect of drafting a will as early as possible is better than the alternative family mayhem that’s sure to ensue if you don’t. Writing a will is less expensive than letting the courts appointing an administrator for your estate. When you need to draft a new will or change your will due to the addition or loss of assets, children or spouse, contact Barrett, Twomey, Broom, Hughes & Hoke, LLP.


Living trusts arrange for an inheritance, or whatever remains of it after probate, to be managed or overseen by a Trustee on behalf of another person either until they reach a specified age or indefinitely. Because of the many circumstances that can surround initiating a living trust, we recommend seeking the professionals at Barrett, Twomey, Broom, Hughes & Hoke, LLP.

Powers of Attorney

To give someone Power of Attorney shows implicit trust. The State of Illinois allows you to make the type of Power of Attorney either very specific or general. Know that the team of Barrett, Twomey, Broom, Hughes & Hoke, LLP, are here to help carry out your living will and Power of Attorney authorizations.

Elder Law/Guardianships

Entrusting an assisted living facility to give elderly loved ones the care they deserve can be upsetting. The stress of removing a loved one from the comforts of home can exacerbate mental and physical deterioration. Caring for that have become dependent on healthcare professionals, you can count on Barrett, Twomey, Broom, Hughes & Hoke, LLP, to read over contracts and take a stand when you believe they have been mistreated.